Business Development

Bliss Business Solutions provide a range of value adding Business Development services to clients around the world from market analysis and penetration strategy through to sales representation, commercial engineering and customer account management. We work closely with our clients to define core competency, competitive differentiators and growth strategy to generate new business opportunities that can be nurtured into strategic customer accounts.

Plant, Equipment & Tooling

Bliss Business Solutions has supported many companies to set-up Greenfield aerospace facilities and has a wealth of experience of designing and procuring fit-for-purpose plant, equipment and tooling.

Too often companies overspend on plant, equipment and tooling that does not match the manufacturing requirements of their order book and due to lack of experience or leverage with global suppliers are charged exorbitant prices.Bliss Business Solutions supports its clients to align cap-ex strategies with their forecasted order book requirements in terms of capability, technical sophistication and capacity.A phased investment strategy is always our preferred method where we can support our clients to enter a new technology, secure OEM approvals, gain experience and generate new business development opportunities before major investment. This reduces risk and ensures companies remain competitive as their charging rates are not disproportionately increased by excessive cap-ex depreciation.Bliss Business Solutions have partnered with several machine tools, fabrication plant, NDT & treatment line providers and tooling companies.