At Bliss Business Solutions, we take pride in ourselves for delivering the best CAD-CAM products and services to our clients. We are aware of the fact that our clients are the makers and breakers of our reputation, and hence these folios will help you grab better knowledge about our reputation which can be determined on the basis of our past interactions and feedbacks from small, medium and large sized client organizations.

Integrated Technologies for Aerospace Sector

“Skanda Aerospace is a AS-9100 C Certified company engaged in manufacturing of Precision & Engine components for major Tier-I & II Aerospace and Defense Sector.

We are experiencing very good working with SolidCAM software , all the features are very good and very user friendly so that the person who has a little bit knowledge on cam can also generate programs easily. The tool selection procedure is also very simple and compatible , while coming to the 5 axis machining it is very good while compared to other cam software .

The ” imachining” feature is very good and more usable in reduction of roughing cycle times so that we can directly concentrate on finishing of the part , it is a very good advantage for us to achieve geometrical dimensions .
The software is more reliable.”

Skanda Aerospace Pvt. Ltd, Mr.Nagesh Sawant -Assistant Manger Manufacturing

Innovative CAM Solution

“Sree Koteeshwar CAM Systems is a machine shop that supplies precision turning, milling , Sheet Metal components & Sub-Assemblies. “
The company serves multiple strategic industries, such as Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Electronic and more.“We are using SolidCAM along with SolidWorks Since November 2015. We felt it is easy to do part modeling on SolidWorks and Generating programs on SolidCAM gives us better surface finish, more option in machining tool path with reduced cycle time.”
The software is more reliable.”

Sree Koteeshwara CAM System. Mr. Andrew – In-Charge Methods and Engineering.

Optimize your Maintenances and increase your production

“We Manufacture Moulds & Mould Bases, We are cutting Aluminum, Tool Steel, Copper and Stainless Steel alloys. We have tried 4-5 different coolant brand before switching to Fuchs Ecocool 700 NBF (M), we had rust problems which has been eliminated.  Ecocool 700 has eliminated the “funkyness” in the air in the shop-floor when we come in the morning. We like the Ecocool 700 better as it has reduced our oil consumption versus the earlier Coolant oil. We have replaced all our machines coolant oil with Ecocool 700 NBF (M). “
Bliss Business Solutions person has good knowledge on their products.
We are splendid with the service support of Bliss Business Solutions. ”

Prathiraj Metal Masters Pvt Ltd. Mr. Sridhar Reddy & Jagadeesh Reddy – Director

Shift Innovations

“We are a start-up company and we were constantly researching the market for suppliers that can provide quality products that meet our requirements, product should cost us economical in long run with low maintenance. After talking with Bliss Business Solutions we were impressed with the skill level, technical know-how and range of products it has supplied to its customers. “
We brought Fuchs Ecocool 600 NBF, We have seen tool life increase along with good sump life.
Bliss Business Solutions certainly live up to their promise of delivering the Product on time, so much so that we’ve already placed additional products with them. ”

Jupiter tooling. Mr. S.K.Pasha – Director

Value beyond Experiences

“Metals are mostly aluminum and stainless Steel. Operations included milling, drilling. We manufacture Defense parts. We have tried different coolant before using Ecocool 700 NBF (M), Our Old Coolant produced “rancid sumps” & even rusted our machines. We were not satisfied with old coolant oil, I reached out to Bliss Business Solutions. In one word, I would describe Bliss Business Solutions as ‘professional.’ I noticed that they had already worked on a similar Problem, so I felt I could trust them. We needed a quick solution for our newly arrived machine and their response was very fast.  It was also great to work with their team,
I’m 100% satisfied and I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Mandhana Techno Vision Pvt Ltd . Mr. Ashish – Owner